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Latest News

4/10/2014 - Correction made to the number of doe kids limit; was stated as one, correct number is two (2).

3/18/2014 - Announcement regarding show coordinator job opening.

3/18/2014 - Clarified breeding females to add goats.

3/12/2014 - Important announcements regarding rule changes.


2014 Show Dates: September 19-22, 2014

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2014 Information

Show Book and Forms

The printed show book will be mailed in early July; click the links below for on-line versions:

2014 Show Catalog

2014 Entry Form - Several changes, read carefully!


Scholarship Form (Blank version)

Scholarship Form (Int) (Interactive version)


It's time to start thinking about the 2014 KJLS!

The KJLS board of directors recently met and made the following changes/additions to rules:

-- Entries of breeding females will be limited as follows - two heifers, two ewes, one gilt and two commercial doe kid. Substitutions may be made but are subject to a $20 change fee due at check-in.

-- Goats must be shown with all four feet on the ground. Exhibitors may use a collar, a collar with a short lead or a halter when showing. Medium (3 mm) or smaller pinch collars will be allowed.

-- The barrow show is now non-terminal.



Important Announcement:

Long-time show coordinator, Hugh Nicks, has announced that he is stepping down from his position after the 2014 Show.



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2013 Results





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     Doe Kids






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Show Books


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The printed show book will be mailed in early July; click the links below for on-line versions:

2013 Show Catalog

2013 Entry Form


Scholarship Form (Blank version)

Scholarship Form (Int) (Interactive version)


2013 Nomination Deadlines


Click here for nomination information on K-State's site, but remember, nominating livestock DOES NOT mean you have entered in either the KJLS or the Kansas State Fair.


Be sure to follow procedures - depending on the species - for nominating livestock.


EID Tags: Take special note of new rules regarding the use of electronic identification (EID) tags. (See K-States nomination page for more information).


New Entry Fee Structure:

     Steers = $40

     All Others = $20

     Showmanship = $5 (remains same)







Let me know if you have any questions or corrections.


Scott Johnson, KJLS Webguy




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